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Zentes Unitex GmbH is a worldwide operating trade and production company in the area of textile and synthetic fibres, specialized in export and delivery of additives, machines and test benches.

At the beginning of 2000 we expanded the company with a new division and improved its services.

The new Zentes Unitex GmbH ZZG Division offers consulting and equipment engineering in the field of cleaning and disinfection for the

  • Food Industry

  • Beverage Industry

  • Pharmaceutical- and Cosmetic Industry

Zentes Unitex GmbH ZZG Division has developed a new modular and rationalizing concept for CIP-units.

Zentes Unitex GmbH ZZG Division is representing 35 years experience in planning, building and start up of production and cleaning plants worldwide.





Our strengths are our know-how in engineering skills and services for the food- and beverage industry and the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.


We offer our customers:

  • Analyzing, rationalizing, optimizing of cleaning programs and routines for the

  • Specification, design, delivery and installation of cleaning systems, especially CIP units in modular design with reduced valve and control requirements

  • Rationalization and modification of existing cleaning systems to the latest State-of-the-Art.



For us, a consequent and further development includes obviously the delivery of equipment

and components for systems in the environment of CIP cleaning such as:

  • CIP       Clean In Place Units

  • CBS     Chemical Bulk System

  • OPC     Open Plant Cleaning

  • LDV      Liquid Dosing Unit



The ZZG CIP unit is the progress of the existing and renowned CIP systems.

The special pros are:

  • Effective cleaning process due to simplified valve and control requirements.

  • Raised flexibility based on modular design 3 cleaning procedures with 1 CIP unit (single use, part and full recovery).

  • Budget consideration due to lower capital investment.

Our competence is based on the lasting for de­cades of experiences of our employees in cleaning and disinfection of production plants for the food and beverage industry and on the experience of solving problems of world known companies like: Coca Cola, Heineken, Tetra Pak, Unilever, DuPont

and many others.




Zentes Unitex GmbH ZZG Division is located at 63456 Hanau,Germany,

The distance to Frankfurt Airport is only 20 km.