ZENTES UNITEX ASIA INC. is a production company of Zentes Unitex GmbH Germany.

It covers the mixing and pelletizing powder products area of applications.


Our goal is: Thanks to our comprehensive outsourcing system, customers can largely dispense with the development, inspection, manufacture, packaging, warehousing and logistics of their products themselves.
Duplication is eliminated.
Our clear target is to relieve customers of the majority of process-related working stages. This enables customers to focus on their core business to a greater degree.



(Philippine Economic Zone Authority ), Cavite, Philippines.
PEZA is a duty-free industrial area.
Access to the company is good. The company’s premises are approximately 25 kilometers from Manila.
The company premises consist of approximately 2,500 m2 of usable surface area for production.
Of this, around 200 m2 is occupied by offices and the laboratory. The premises are rented.


Organization / Personnel

ZENTES UNITEX ASIA INC. is a joint stock company
that was formed in 1997.
60% of the shares are owned by Zentes Unitex GmbH Germany.
As Zentes Unitex GmbH Germany continues to handle certain central administrative duties, such as bookkeeping, sales and marketing etc. A very flat hierarchy was chosen for ZENTES UNITEX ASIA INC.
This provides customers with short and efficient clarification routes, which results in speedy reaction times.
The company is headed by the production manager and vigorously supported by technical service staff.
The administration language is English.

Entrance ZUAI

Environmental situation

ZENTES UNITEX ASIA INC. has a certificated environmental management system according to DENR standards (Department of Environment and Natural Resources)  Philippines.
This means that production stages and processes are precisely monitored and improved on a continuous basis. This aspect receives particular attention in the case of new developments to ensure full compliance with Philippine strict environmental laws.
ZENTES UNITEX ASIA INC. is responsible for the management and maintenance of the IMS (Industrial, Database Supported Quality Management System).

DENR Permit

Purchasing / Logistics

Zentes Unitex GmbH Germany maintain international contacts with suppliers of raw materials and packaging. This allows our customers to leave selection and procurement to us.
Alongside our wide range of raw materials and packaging, solutions can also be found for special requests.
We purchase quantities ranging from minor amounts through to container-size volumes.
Coordination within the Zentes Unitex Group allows the company to purchase top-quality raw materials and packaging at appropriate market prices.

Quality assurance / Laboratory

The flow of raw materials and packaging is controlled by barcode, assuring complete traceability to the relevant delivery.
This means that the corresponding batches can be easily identified and traced just by pushing a button on our sophisticated QA computer system.
All QA data is stored specifically for each article and is immediately accessible for most members of staff should customers have any queries. If any discrepancies arise, this helps us not only to provide data and facts immediately and without any complications but also to take the corresponding measures.
The quality assurance laboratory is headed by the laboratory manager and not by the production manager, which ensures that quality assurance meets the requirement for separate areas of authority.
The laboratory is equipped so that all analyses and data required can be produced on the spot. When highly specific analyses are required, there is a wide range of contacts with different service laboratories.

Production plant

Batch sizes range from 50 kg to 200 kg. All product-affecting parts of the plant is made of stainless steel 319 (V4A-grade steel). The plant is protect against explosions with inert gas.In the production department – PELLETIZING – the capacity is 2 (two) tons per day.This is also dependent on the product concerned.
Of course, capacities can also be boosted at short notice by the use of additional members of staff and extended shifts.



Process mixers

Ploughshare mixer with two additional choppers.
Volume: 600 liters,  Load capacity 100 liters to 420 liters. Mixer is fully automated equipped.
A supply of liquid additives is possible.

Process Mixer

Gear Pelletizer

Low pressure extrusion of stable pellets
Underneath the feed hopper a pair of toothed rolls counter rotate.
The rolls draw the product in and press it out through the nozzles between the teeth.


Gear Pelletizer


Process description

Raw materials by prescription weigh

The raw materials are submitted over suction lances by vacuum in the individual dosing silos. Several components can be processed in the prescription. Prescription extension is possible. By prescription become all components weighed and with an vacuum transfer system supplied to the mixer collecting silo. The mixer collecting silo is equipped with a balancing system. All prescription quantities are added and the total weight is compared with the quantity in the mixer collecting silo. If the comparison is ok, the mixer is loaded with inert gas and started afterwards. Now the quantity in the mixer collecting silo is discharged into the mixer.
At expiration of the mixing time the mixture is discharged into the pelletizer supply silo.


From the pelletizer supply silo by metering screw the mixture is supplied to the Pelletizer. From the Pelletizer the pressed pellets are supplied to a vibrating screening machine and separated from the dust portion. The screened pellets filled up into 60 liter plastic-barrels  with polyester sack and at the same time weighed. The barrel polyester sack can be closed under vacuum or added with inert gas. The screened dust portion will be collected and can be disposed or returned it to the process.


Process diagram



The plastic-barrels are marked by batch no.; barrel no. and date of production.

Dispatch packing

The barrels are shipped on pallets and welded with poly foil.

Final remarks

All of the above-mentioned possibilities allow us to offer each customer an individually tailored package. All of these possibilities can be fitted together on a modular basis to meet customers’ specific requirements. The system can also be changed and modified in the shortest possible time with maximum benefits for the customers.